Intended results

This project provides a response to the growing demand of ecotourism and active tourism, highlighting the natural resources in the surrounding countryside, with importance placed on the construction of the island’s landscape and the ethnographic heritage linked to it, ensuring its upkeep and sustainable use, while promoting the suitable management of it through its touristic use.

Expected impact

La implantation of this network will bring the following benefits:

  • Heighten the value and conservation of natural and cultural elements.
  • Diversification away from traditional tourism products.
  • Joint projection of cooperation in the region.
  • An increase in the number of visitors to the area.
  • An increase in stay overs at accommodation around parts of the island with low and medium population density.
  • Specialization of the destination in the area of ecotourism and active tourism.
  • An increase in private investment in the ecotourism sector.

Perpetuation of results over time

Once the project to set up the routes, products and services created for active tourism purposes has been finalized, including trekking, running, etc., they will have generated sufficient inertia to keep themselves running.

As for new products, namely route maps, guided visits and natural surroundings, etc, and the inclusion of these in existing tourist offers, these will be the support system for a new set of companies who will be providing these services, since ECOTUR acts as an infrastructure capable of holding together a whole new set of activities linked to ecotourism and active tourism.

Lastly, all interventions and solutions brought in by this cooperative network will serve as a guide for other tourist regions that may have the potential to implant these types of routes in their own areas in the future.

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